MAR 2017 – Member Profile – Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming

Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming is a full service pet salon on wheels, arriving at your door and applying 15 years of grooming knowledge to expertly groom your pet. Everything they need is in the van. Servicing the Inland Empire of Southern California, their regional focus is in Redlands, Loma Linda, Highland, Mentone, Yucaipa and San Bernardino.

Owner Marisa Nodine is the owner and operator of Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming. She’s been a professional groomer for about 15 years, having owned two brick and mortar shops in the Inland Empire she recognized a need to serve the customer that prefers the personal touch for their pet, at home or at the office. All of the grooming is done out of a specially designed van that contains the same plumbing, electrical and environmental functions you would normally see in a traditional grooming salon. The mobile unit is completely outfitted with everything you would find in a traditional grooming facility and often more.

Nodine believes that you build your business by building relationships with both the owner and the pet.

When you call to make an appointment, Nodine will work with you to find the best day and time to pull up in the mobile unit. Upon arrival Nodine will spend a few minutes setting up equipment and introduce your pet to the van.

After consulting with you to make sure she completely understands what you expect, she’ll plug into the extension-chord you provide and begin the grooming process. She’s happy to have you be a part of the grooming process, or you can go about your day. When your pet is finished, she’ll deliver him to your front door all clean and groomed.

For convenience, peace of mind and guaranteed outcome call Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming at 909- 307-2117 or to learn more about the mobile service log onto .