MAR 2015 – Orange Street alley project about to begin

#2  Alley PictureOn January 20, 2015 City Council awarded the contract for construction of the Orange Street Alley Pedestrian Enhancement Project. Construction is scheduled to begin on or around March 3, 2015 and has an anticipated completion date of June 30, 2015. The contractor for the project is Three Peaks Corporation of Calimesa, California. Contract award was in the amount of $529,000. A majority of the project costs will be funded by the City of Redlands Park and Open Space Development Fund, with the remaining amount being funded by the City’s Storm Drain Construction Fund, Water Projects Fund and Park Maintenance Fund.

The Pedestrian Enhancement Project will repurpose the existing alleyway between Citrus Avenue and State Street, and Orange Street and Fifth Street, into a public park and will construct new pedestrian elements. Improvements will include the installation of pavers, raised planters, decorative light standards, arched trellises, and gates. The project will construct new physical enhancements to the downtown core, create a destination for tourists and residents, and provide an opportunity for economic retention and growth for local businesses.

The Orange Street Alley Pedestrian Enhancement Project will be managed by the City of Redlands Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department. During the duration of the project the city will be making a concerted effort to minimize disruptions for citizens and businesses in the project area. “No access” signs will be posted at the entrance of the alley along Orange Street and Fifth Street indicating the dates construction will be occurring. No parking, delivery services, or access to your business through the alley will be allowed during construction for safety purposes. Temporary designated delivery locations will be made available along State Street and Fifth Street during construction activities.  Trash collection will occur on your normal trash collection day, however, will be located in temporary locations.

If you have questions about the project contact city staff member Tabitha Kevari, Project Manager or Olivia Crowley, Community Relations Coordinator, at 909 798-7584 x3