MAR 2015 – Member Profile – Dan Kaiser, CASp Inspector

#4 Dan Kaiser PICTUREDan Kaiser, CASp Inspector can help you avoid unnecessary ADA lawsuits

PRIVATELY OWNED FACILITES and the A.D.A.(A.D.A. Title III) A.D.A. Section 36.304 – Removal of Barriers. A public accommodation shall remove architectural barriers in existing facilities, including communication barriers that are structural in nature, where such removal is readily achievable.

In the shadow of a rash of “non-compliant” lawsuits filed by attorneys and clients looking for quick and easy money it is essential that business and property owners take every proactive precaution to avoid being a target.

Daniel F Kaiser a certified CASp inspector has the tools and knowledge to help prevent unnecessary suits.

The Kaiser team is available to assist private, public accommodation facilities comply with t Federal requirements contained in Title III of the A.D.A and are available to review all facilities and programs owned, and/or operated by a private entity, to ensure compliance with barrier removal requirements under the A.D.A. Dan and his State wide team of inspectors and specialists offer ADA compliance training as well as inspection services. Training ranges from Revised Regulations to Public Right of Way and Other Areas.

If you are in need of a Certified Accessibility Specialist in order to comply with California state law (SB 1608 Corbett), or Federal  ADA requirements  Dan Kaiser, CASp Services® is available to assist you with all of your disabled access compliance needs, and to assist you in making your facilities accessible to the disabled and compliant.

Call Dan Kaiser, 909 747-5296, to make arrangements for an inspection, to discuss training, or to discover what you need to avoid an unnecessary lawsuit.