MAR 2012 – Senator Bob Dutton introduces ADA “Fix it” Bill SB 1186 in Redlands

      On a recent visit toRedlandsSenator Bob Dutton announced Senate Bill 1186, theADA“Fix it” bill he has authored and the Redlands Chamber of Commerce has sponsored.

        The bill will allow business and property owners who have received letters of demand for payment of fees and damages from disreputable attorneys noting small infractions of theADAcode, an opportunity to correct the infraction and comply with the code within 90 days without the fear of legal action or extorted payments. 

        The bill will be reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee in April. It is imperative that committee members move the bill on to the floor where it can be voted on by the whole legislative body.

        In June of 2010 a similar bill, introduced by Senator Dutton, and again sponsored by the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, was stopped in committee on party lines given no chance to be heard on the floor. Committee Senators Mark Leno (D), Ellen Corbett (D), and Noreen Evans (D) did not see the merit of moving the bill forward and helping the small businesses inCaliforniaput a stop to predatory lawsuits that have been plaguing them for years.

        This time a strategic effort has been orchestrated to educate the Senators as well as their peers demonstrating the magnitude of the problem, the non partisan solution and the collaborative results that benefit both the business and disabled communities alike.