MAR 2012 – Glenn Goodwin & Associates providing personal attention and buying power

Glenn Goodwin & Associates has the ability to shop from among the nation’s biggest and most prestigious insurers, providing clients the best products at the lowest rates. That’s because Glenn Goodwin has joined forces with otherCaliforniaagencies to create a “cluster group” that creates the buying power necessary to get the best deals. At the same time they remain the same local agent who knows their clients, understands their businesses and are able to provide them the coverage that suits them best.

        The nation’s largest insurance carriers want to work with agents that can send them a lot of business. That leaves out many small agencies. However, Glenn Goodwin & Associates has joined forces with other agencies throughout the state to create a single entity with exceptional buying power, an entity that the big insurers want to do business with. That means that while you still get the individual attention you’d expect from your local insurance agency, you get the buying power of a big agency, that buying power means better products and the very best rates in the industry.

        Your business needs an insurance agency that’s willing to become fully educated about what you do. Larger agents don’t have the time to devote to one client’s business.

But Glenn Goodwin & Associates makes it a point to understand the specifics of your

business, your location and your industry, so that they can make the best

recommendations about the coverage you need. They take the time to understand

your business and its needs as well as understand the insurance industry. So,

even though you may not know exactly what you need, they do. They’ll make sure that

your insurance has you covered everywhere you need to be.

        For your personal needs Glenn Goodwin & Associates realizes that you have a lot invested in your home and that you wouldn’t want to lose it. They also understand that you want to keep monthly expenses manageable. They will work withAmerica’s leading insurance carriers to get you the coverage you need to protect your home from Fire, Theft, Flood or Earthquake, 3rd party liability and personal article floaters.

        For any of your insurance needs call Glenn Goodwin & Associates at 909 793-8118 or log in at for more information.