JUNE 2016 – President’s article by Jill Riley

Redlands Chamber of Commerce Jill Riley President

Recently I was talking to the owner of a business about a great experience I had with their company. She was so thankful that I was acknowledging good service because the majority of comments she receives are negative and often online. I started talking with other businesses and realized they were also experiencing the same kinds of online complaints. It made me wonder if complain online would complain in person as well or do they feel safe under the cover of impersonal online rantings.

Perhaps we should all make an effort to compliment as often as complain. The next time you get good service at restaurants, retail shops, the bank, or other service based companies take the time to let management know what a great job someone did or write a good review online.

As business owners we should make sure we treat other businesses the way we would want ours to be treated. Be a little kinder and when you do have a positive experience share it. I hope you all have a wonderful month.