JUNE 2012 – Business Profile – Sylvan Learning Center

     For more than 30 years, Sylvan has helped more than two million students learn to read, write, calculate and organize themselves to reach their potential inside and outside of the classroom. More importantly, Sylvan has helped children develop a love of learning and a confidence that they carry throughout their lives.
            Most students — regardless of their academic performance — can use extra help to achieve their full learning potential in one or more key subjects. At Sylvan, they offer a choice of quality tutoring programs to help students improve overall. Their proven process begins with a Sylvan Skills Assessment test that is designed to identify your child’s strengths and needs, so that they can then create a personalized program that’s right for your child. Their trained and certified teachers ensure that your child receives the individualized attention necessary to master the skills needed to do better in school and better in life.
            Sylvan is more than tutoring. Every Sylvan Learning Center is a centerpiece to the community and surrounding neighborhoods. Sylvan Learning Center is committed to being good neighbors and valued partners in the communities in which they live and work. Their more than 900 local centers are proud to work in conjunction with local school systems and neighborhood organizations to create educational initiatives that benefit children for life.   The Sylvan trained and certified tutors are dedicated to your child’s success. Working together with you, they will:

  • Pinpoint your child’s learning needs using the Sylvan Skills Assessment®
  • Develop a personalized learning plan based on your child’s goals
  • Offer unique insights about what will work for your child
  • Teach each lesson the way your child learns best
  • Build a relationship with your child to provide learning that’s fun, engaging and rewarding

            At Sylvan of Redlands, the staff believes there is a lot they can accomplish if they work together with friends and neighbors.

            Find out how they’re reaching out beyond the center walls to promote the importance of education inRedlands.

            To learn more about Sylvan Learning Center inRedlandsor to visit the center at 413 E. Palm or call the friendly staff at 792-9669.