JULY 2019 – Lifehouse Productions making a difference

LifeHouse Productions making a dramatic difference

LifeHouse Productions was independently incorporated by Wayne Scott as a non-profit community theater company in 1993, LifeHouse has grown to become an Inland Empire attraction.

Unique in the nation, LifeHouse is an independent, interdenominational theater whose plays and musicals are exclusive, original productions seen by over 30,000 guests each year.  More than 500 volunteer actors comprise our casts of storytellers and join gifted artists, technicians and support staff from all walks of life to stage redemptive, inspirational stories.LifeHouse is an award-winning faith-based theater guided by historic Judeo-Christian perspectives and values.The outreach of LifeHouse includes international broadcasts of original productions on the SmartLifeStyle TV channel, audio drama CDs, the LifeHouse Theater Outreach (LTO) Touring Company, interpretation for the deaf, a college scholarship program, scripts performed by organizations throughout the U.S. as well as internationally and theater classes for youth.

LifeHouse Theater is…

  • A community theater where each musical or play is an original production. More than sixty new works have premiered here.
  • An interdenominational theater where over 500 gifted artists, technicians, and volunteers from all walks of life use their talents to inspire the moral imagination of children and families from all over the Inland Empire.
  • A unique theatrical experience enjoyed by over 30,000 people who pass through the LifeHouse Theater doors each year.
  • A visionary theater whose artistic endeavors are guided by historic Judeo-Christian perspectives and dedicated to excellence.Visit LifeHouse Threater at 1135 North Church Street, call for tickets at 335-3037 or log onto www. LifeHouseTheater.com to learn more about upcoming productions, season tickets and more.
  • LifeHouse has been named as one of the most popular live theaters in the region by the Sun Newspaper’s reader poll.