JULY 2018 – Member Profile – La Volata

La Volata serving good food, good wine and craft beer for the neighborhood

Chris and Lori live up the street from La Volata, 1453 Ford Street, and have a vested interest in helping to make the center a valuable addition to the neighborhood. Chris is an attorney by day, and host/server/dishwasher/bartender by night. Lori once a pharmaceutical sales rep, now lives and breathes La Volata. She built the tables, made the bottle lights, installed the tile and painted the restaurant. Now she is a VPN certified pizzaiola and may be making your pizza when you visit.

Chef Nicholas, La Volata chef has been cooking since he was 16 years old. He focuses on Farm-to-table cooking and using locally sourced and sustainably grown ingredients.

At La Volata they are proud to make authentic pizza Napolitano, the crust is make with 00 flour from Italy, salt, fresh yeast and water. It’s always fresh and never comes from freezer or box.  The hand stretched 12” pizza is topped with fresh ingredients and fired in a 900 degree pizza oven.

Most of the ingredients found at La Volata are from local farms including Three Sister, The Grove School, Buoye Farms, Friendship Ranch, Fat Angel Farm, Timoteo Acres and Farquhar Farms. They use only humanely and organically raised meat. The cured meat on your charcuterie plate and on your pizzas are some of the best.

The team is excited to provide ten rotating beer taps, allowing them to offer you a different craft beer virtually every time you visit.

Visit La Volata for lunch or dinner and see for yourself how the authentic taste of Italy can be found right here in Redlands.