JULY 2017 – President’s article by Todd Underwood


Summer time, and the living is easy. Actually, the living is hot!  But there is plenty to do, to keep our minds off the heat!  The Underwood family is looking forward to the 94th season of the Redlands Bowl that starts on Friday.  A wonderful lineup of programs again this year for our community and thousands of visitors!  Thanks so much to the Redlands Bowl Performing Arts. And don’t let’s forget the Redlands Theatre Festival in Prospect Park.

The State of the City Luncheon provided great information about our city and its future. Many thanks to; Mayor Paul Foster, City Council Members and the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, along with all the sponsors of the event  for providing all of us with an outstanding program.

The Chamber is proud to have partnered with Brixton Capital the Redlands Mall Developers, who presented an information sharing program on the development of the Redlands Mall. This was the first in a series of meetings that will keep the public abreast of progress and look for input at the same time.

See you at the Bowl, or in Prospect Park!