JULY 2016 – Energy Upgrade California announces MyEnergyUpgrade tool



Energy Upgrade California® Announces MyEnergyUpgrade Tool to Help Small Businesses Realize Energy Savings

 Custom solution provides small business owners with a roadmap for reducing energy use and realizing money savings

Energy Upgrade California, a state initiative dedicated to helping Californians take action to save energy and conserve natural resources, today announced its MyEnergyUpgrade tool in conjunction with Small Business Week. The tool provides custom plans and recommendations for small business owners looking to increase energy and water efficiency and generate significant savings.

To help business owners release the true potential of their business by better understanding their energy and water usage, the tool creates a personalized action plan that outlines ways to save money, identifies waste and even finds energy-efficient equipment and financing options.

“We understand that business owners have limited time and resources when it comes to researching energy and water efficiency,” said Mitch Moore, marketing and outreach manager, Energy Upgrade California. “That’s why we created the MyEnergyUpgrade tool – to provide a one-stop-shop for small businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and save money through an action plan that’s specifically tailored for them.”

Business owners can access the MyEnergyUpgrade tool by visiting Energy Upgrade California’s small business landing page (EnergyUpgradeCA.org/SmallBiz), registering and taking the assessment to receive their tailored energy action plan. The plan will include key steps to take, such as:

  • Signing up for “peak day” energy pricing
  • Updating lighting to energy-efficient bulbs
  • Using commercial ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • Scheduling a maintenance checkup for heating and cooling systems

“Saving time and money is top of mind for every busy business owner, but many don’t realize that there are a number of ways to operate more efficiently while reducing costs,” continued Moore. “By using our tool, business owners can see how small changes add up over time. These changes translate to money saved, which means more can go toward your bottom line and your future business growth.”

For more information on ways small businesses can reduce costs and their carbon footprints, visit www.EnergyUpgradeCA.org/SmallBiz

About Energy Upgrade California

Energy Upgrade California is a state initiative to help Californians take action to save energy and conserve natural resources, help reduce demand on the electricity grid, and make informed energy management choices at home and at work. It is supported by an alliance of the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, utilities, regional energy networks, local governments, businesses, and nonprofits to help communities meet state and local energy and climate action goals. Funding comes from investor-owned utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. For more information, visit www.EnergyUpgradeCA.org.