JULY 2015 – Zombie High Chooses Deadlands for Reunion

Zombie High chooses Deadlands for reunion

zombieI was doing some online research for the 178th class reunion of Zombie High.The actual school was torn down years ago,so it doesn’t really matter where the event is held.  While researching, I happened upon the perfect place for our reunion…Deadlands California.

I wasted no time in contacting the Deadlands Chamber of Commerce and the very knowledgeable Executive Director couldn’t stop expounding the zombiance of Deadlands CA.  She took me on a tour of the city and showed me Sylvan Park and  Fraternatity Row behind the University of Deadlands…both dark and creepy….just what I was looking for!

I booked the park and surrounding area and will host a Zombie event on Saturday October 24, 2015, calling it Fright Night Run. The committee has decided to open it up to the general public….after all there can never be too many humans.

After securing the location, I stopped into the chamber to thank the Executive Director and being a great advocate of Deadlands, she reminded me to tell all the alums to “Eat Locals”  So get your Zombie on and see you at the reunion!

Zelda Zombini

Reunion Committee