July 2012 – Chamber’s Shop Redlands program continues to grow

     The Redlands Chamber Shop Redlands program continues to grow as shoppers make their way to the Chamber office on the corner of Redlands Boulevard and Orange Street to turn in receipts for a chance to win $100 valued gifts each month.

        For years the Chamber has been encouraging local shoppers to think about purchasing products locally and using local services whenever possible, explaining that a portion of the tax paid for either goes to the city’s general fund to help pay for city services.

        “When we all shop inRedlands we help pay for our police and fire services.” said Chamber President, Paul Barich. “We help underwrite the cost of park maintainance, street repair, trash pick-up, graffiti removal and so much more. When we purchase outside of the city we are supporting services else where.”

        To help remind shoppers the Chamber recently had posters printed and will be distributing them to local vendors encouraging them to post them in store fronts, on counters on bulletin boards anywhere the public might see them reminding them of the campaign and the importance of spending dollars locally.

        Each month the Chamber offer a prize valued at $100 sponsored by a Chamber member. Shoppers are encouraged to bring original receipts from Redlands businesses showing purchases of $25 or more to the Chamber office. The date on the receipt must reflect the date of the month of the drawing.  The receipts are signed by the Chamber staff and exchanged for a ticket… the customer fills out their phone number and the ticket is placed in a bowl to be a part of the month end drawing. If the receipt is from a Chamber member the customer gets two tickets (Chamber members can be found on the Chamber’s website).

        At the end of the month a drawing takes place for the $100 prize. The winner is announced on the Chamber’s website, in an email blast and in the Redlands Quarterly Magazine Chamber page. The winner has 48 hours to redeem the prize. If the prize is not redeemed within 48 hours a second drawing will take place.

        “We started the program in January and each month more and more people hear about it and are playing.” reported Barich. “We have given away $100 Visa and Master Card gift cards, $100 gas cards, restaurant gift certificates, jewelry gift certificates, fabulous prizes. It’s been great fun and we hope a great incentive for people to think Redlands first, when shopping.”

        Before you make a purchase ask yourself if you could buy local first. Your business is appreciated locally!