JUL 2013 – Get “Glowing” At The Chamber Night Light Run

Don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn… brave the cold chill of the morning and push through that same old drone of an early morning 5K then it’s time to brighten your spirits with a glow in the dark at the Chamber Night Light Run ……It’s positively electrifying….. the brand new…. can’t believe my eyes….who would’a thunk……Chamber Night Light Run….. is coming to Redlands with a surge of electric lights, color and sound…Saturday, December 14th!!!
That’s right…. For those brave enough to venture out under the cover of darkness but bathed in the rays of the lazar light show in the center of town….
You head out on the course bedazzled with your glow in the dark necklace radiant with color ….bedecked in your own stunning, even shocking creation …the starter’s gun sends you coursing through the streets of Redlands ….. hundreds of twinkling lights guide you along the way….. over hill and dale, rounding corners marked by lighted ropes and cheering crowds….ablaze with lights ….
Like a fire fly in a darken sky you sparkle, twinkle and glimmer as you head around each glittering curve making your way to the light show that beacons at the finish line in downtown ……
But the night isn’t over…. downtown restaurants, bars, and shops are all at the ready to embrace the athletes of extraordinary talent….. glowing in the victory of the first ever Chamber Night Light Run.
So plug in….and turn on…..it’s positively electrifying at a 5K Light Run, Saturday, December 14th….BE CURRENT!!!! GET LIT IN REDLANDS AT THE FIRST EVER CHAMBER NIGHT LIGHT RUN!
Call the Chamber office for more information….793-2546.