JUL 2013 – Aguilar Offers Year At A Glance

Mayor Pete Aguilar stood before an audience of one hundred plus business leaders at the Chamber’s State of the Community luncheon and offered a thumbnail review of the 2012/13 budget year noting the accomplishments of the year past. He pointed out the $7 million plus in reserves giving credit to conservative decisions made by Council and staff and yet was quick to note the street improvements, added bike lanes, infrastructure repairs and long overdue maintenance that has taken place.

In projecting the future Mayor Aguilar referenced plans for a sought after fulfillment center that would not only generate revenue for the city but a number of well-paying jobs.

At the same time the Mayor declare Public Safety to be the number one priority with a focus on replacing vehicles that are no longer serviceable.

At the same meeting Mayor Pro Tem Paul Foster reported on the activities of the 125th Anniversary Celebration Committee that have not only already occurred but are in the queue. He described the swarm of activity that centered around the development of Heritage Park when thousands of volunteers showed up to construct a city park in one single day. He went on to describe the grand finale of the year-long celebration that will culminate with a downtown cultural event and dinner for hundreds with multiple seatings in two locations. He teased the audience with scant details about the grand event and promised more details as time approached.