JAN 2019 – Member Profile – General Technique

General Technique your technology partner General Technique was started over twenty years ago with a singular vision: to create a business where the customer comes first. They strive every day to meet this vision. They have built a business that has deep and lasting customer relationships, with the type of trust that can only come with time and excellent service.

As technology evolves General Technique is working hard to keep ahead of the trends and solutions that can bring true value to our customers. We believe in the pillars of the enterprise: storage, networking and computing – and will also be your expert guide in new trends such as software defined data centers, converged infrastructures and cloud computing that can improve our customer’s business efficiencies, lower their costs, and make them more agile and high-performing businesses and organizations.

General Technique is a full service technology provider that specializes in helping businesses develop and maintain all aspects of their business technology including digital advertising, information technology and managed services. Located at Since every business is different, they provide personal, one-on-one service to our clients. This ensures that each solution is designed and implemented specifically for the needs of each individual client.

Few things bring your workday to a halt like when the network is down. Each minute of downtime can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in terms of lost productivity and sales. General Technique’s Full-Service Program is designed to dramatically reduce downtime. It pairs comprehensive IT support that resolves network and device issues quickly, along with preventative maintenance that helps reduce the number of issues in the first place. In addition, it offers further support that covers a range of business-critical areas such as security, backup, and mobility—all offered alongside strategic IT planning to support your business as it grows and evolves.

With this approach, your business has complete 24/7 IT service that keeps essential aspects of the business up and running—all through one point of contact at one predictable cost.

Their goal is to provide you with solutions while serving as your technology partner. Using a consultative approach to evaluate your business and technology needs they then advise on the best solution for your current and future needs.

General Technique can help mobilize your workforce. Mobility is critical not only for employee satisfaction and productivity, but also for your organization’s bottom line. Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) everywhere are revamping business models to empower employees through mobile solutions.

Like any technology trend, mobility has its challenges. Allowing employees to access your small business network via mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, requires enhanced security provisions, increased management and new mobile device policies. Mobile technology has become an essential tool for many small businesses and if used correctly will increase employees’ overall productivity, efficiency and agility. And in the long term, increase your profitability.

Located at 1425 Industrial Park Ave. General Technique has the technical solution for you. Call them at 793-7400 or log onto www.generaltechnique.com