JAN 2018 – President’s Article by Scott Welsh

Happy New Year!

I am tremendously excited, energized, and humbled to have been selected President for 2018. There are many events, developments, and positive challenges ahead for all of us in business in the coming year.  I am honored to lead an organization that will keep you abreast of all developments, and work to ensure that all Redlands businesses remain relevant and prosperous.  I learned many years ago the one constant in business is change.  You are either in front of it, or behind it.  We hope that you will join us in being at the front edge of the rapidly changing and dynamic business community in Redlands!

Here are a few things to know about me.  My wife and I are 26 year residents of Redlands. First, I am father to three fantastic and motivated kids, Paige, Hope, and Finn.  And husband to Sarah, who is also my business partner and founder of our company Welsh Insurance Services, Inc.  So yes, she is the boss at work and at home. There is no question that any success I achieve starts with my family. We moved here shortly after college, and I spent 21 years working for a leading broadcasting company who owns 850 radio stations, 6 in Riverside.  I was the Director of Sales for the local group. I also have been a 16 year volunteer for the Redlands Bicycle Classic, serving for 11 years as the Marketing/Media director.  My entire career has been helping businesses achieve their goals.  I find learning how businesses work both fascinating and a constant challenge.  When we started our own company, I quickly learned how important building a trusted group of advisors can be; hence, our involvement in the Chamber.  I am first a grateful member, and utilize the services and networking opportunities to help connect and grow our business.  My leadership preference is by example.  I will be the first to provide testimony on how the Chamber can help you grow.  I have been a participant for many years in Rise ‘n Shine, and Business to Business networking opportunities, and there is no question these two activities have helped my business grow.

By the end of next year, we will see many developments come to light in our great city.  We kick off the year with a fantastic first time event – the New Year’s Eve Orange Drop!  I am so excited to work with our current president Todd Underwood, and the NYE committee to literally “flip the switch” on the New Year, and realize the beginning of what we are hoping will become a new FREE family tradition in a town with many iconic events.  We are proud partners with our city leaders and management in bringing this event to life.  Also, we will continue to acknowledge the volunteers of Redlands with the Man and Woman of the Year/Police Officer and Firefighter of the Year at the annual Chamber Installation dinner in January, and we are already working with city leadership and staff on the Annual State of the Community Luncheon in June.  And, don’t forget to bring your beloved “Fido” to our 3rd Annual Dog Jog event in November.

In addition, we will have an election to select new Council Members in district voting in 2018 election.  How will this affect you?  Stay tuned!  We also hope to see our new mall development begin to take life, and we are excited that the Packing District, and MOD projects will attract people with money to spend in your business from near and far. All the while the Chamber will remain your steadfast business partner.

We hope to see you all at one of our many events and wish you and your family a wonderful and prosperous New Year!