JAN 2017 – The Redlands Chamber is on the move

The Chamber is on the move

The chamber is on the move, in more ways than one. While the chamber board of directors maintains its vigil on all things important to the membership and business community at large they are also maintaining our entrusted stewardship of the organization.

Recently the current landlord increased the office rent raising the cost of operation significantly. Along with rent increase building maintenance, repairs, restorations and upkeep were required. As fiscal stewards of the association the board members believe they have made a sound business decision to relocate the office to better serve our members .

With the help of many good friends and chamber members the Redlands Chamber has relocated to an extremely affective site that will allow sufficient room, ample parking and a significant rent reduction as well as reduction in building care costs. Our new home will be located in downtown Redlands at 47 North First Street at the corner of First and State Streets.

The mission of the chamber will continue as always with its relentless support of the members, the business community and the entire city of Redlands.

Watch for an invitation to the Grand Opening in the near future.