JAN 2016 – Member Profile – Cliff’s Pest Control, Inc.

Cliff’s Pest Control, Inc. provides termite control and animal exclusion for home and office2  Cliffs

 Cliff’s Pest Control, Inc. based in San Bernardino provides a comprehensive selection of pest control, termite control and animal exclusion series. General pest control series include controlling ant, spider, roach, earwig, mice and other rodent populations. They offer monthly, bimonthly and one time service with 30 or 60 day guarantees on all services. Free your residential, commercial, or industrial property of any pesky critters by calling Cliff’s Pest Control, Inc., 

Since 1971, our family-owned business had been proudly providing customers with a wide range of pest control, termite control, and animal exclusion services. Each member of the staff has extensive experience in this business and is committed to giving you the best results for the best prices every time you request our services.

Cliff’s Pest Control is licensed to provide effective and affordable termite control services, including inspection, treatments, fumigations and even repair the damage these pests have caused.

In addition to pest and termite control, they also offer animal exclusion services for a variety of creatures including, bees, pigeons, bats, rats, gophers and ground squirrels. Whenever possible they can also provide effective means for the human removal of larger animals and exclusion services to prevent re-entry. For small rodents they can provide effective trapping, exclusion methods and other baiting methods.

To get an estimate for your pesky pest problem call Cliff’s Pest Control at 909  887-1862