American Medical Response (AMR) serves more communities and customers than any other private ambulance service provider in the nation. Founded in 1992 AMR consolidated  several well-established regional ambulance providers into a single company.  AMR was created in response to changes in health care reimbursement, the demands of new technology and the growth of managed care plans, which created a need to build a larger provider network. AMR expanded in 1997 when it merged with Med Trans, making it the largest ambulance service provider in the U.S. In 2005, AMR management and Onex Partners L.P. purchased AMR and its sister company, EmCare, from Laidlaw International. AMR expanded its lines of service with a new international EMS division in 2005 with the formation of Global Medical Response (GMR). AMR acquired Air Ambulance Specialists (AASI) in 2006. AASI arranges domestic and international fixed-wing air ambulance service. By acquiring AASI, AMR now offers a full spectrum of ground and air-based emergency medical transportation options. Today, AMR is a leader in the emergency medical services sector which is known for implementing and providing the industry’s best practices.

Nearly 17,000 paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), nurses, doctors and support staff combine to make-up the strength of a national company with personalized care.  AMR’s national reach and extensive experience allows them to deliver a wide range of services to communities nationwide, from managing entire emergency medical systems to private-public partnerships that best serve an area’s needs.   From emergency 9-1-1 calls and non-emergency transports to specialized medical teams that serve remote wilderness areas and more, AMR has the strength to provide patients and customers with the right service at the right time.

Almost 8,600 times each day, AMR caregivers respond to patients in need of emergency medical care and transportation. These professionals must be prepared to provide high-quality care in a variety of situations – from critical life threatening injury and illness to non-emergency transportation from the hospital to home.

At AMR, they meet the needs of these patients every day. They set high standards of clinical excellence for their caregivers, managers and educators. For AMR, clinical excellence involves having the tools, knowledge, judgment, skills and passion to perform at the highest level. It requires providing caregivers with education and training that meets or exceeds current industry standards.

Clinical excellence at AMR also involves providing refresher courses and ongoing education to keep our caregivers trained on current trends in emergency medicine practices. It also requires a robust quality assurance program that requires that all patient encounters meet their rigorous clinical and customer service standards.

AMR’s clinical excellence programs ensure that the patients and the communities they serve receive the highest-quality levels of pre-hospital services. It’s just one of the reasons why AMR is a leading ambulance service provider in the U.S.