FEB 2017 – All employees are required to distribute these pamphlets

Paid Family Leave New employees and when leave of absence is taken for a covered reason. Employment Development Department (EDD) DE 2511/S 

Rev. 13 (09/16)

State Disability Insurance New employees and when employees take a nonwork-related disability leave. (EDD)  

DE 2515/S

Rev. 64 (10/16)

For Your Benefit: Unemployment Insurance Any employee being terminated, laid off or given a leave of absence (EDD)  

DE 2320/S

Rev. 60 (01/16)

Workers’ Compensation New employees with the following information:

  • Name of company’s current compensation carrier
  • The location and telephone number of the nearest information and assistance officer
California Chamber of Commerce Revised for 2017
Sexual Harassment New employees. It is a good practice to provide a copy to each vendor and independent contractor associated with your company. California Chamber of Commerce Revised for 2017