FEB 2015 – Chamber To Partner With City To Distribute Information About ADA Compliance

adaIf you are a business owner or landlord you must take action immediately. A growing number of attorneys are imposing lawsuits, settlement costs and attorney fees, construction costs and loss of business on business owners and landlords.

A tsunami of litigation has engulfed businesses of every kind. Many have paid, many have closed and many have filed bankruptcy. Access requirements differ from business to business, based on many factors, so it’s important to look at requirements that pertain to your type of business, your type of office building and your parking situation.

The Chamber in partnership with the City of Redlands will distribute brochures to businesses license holders assisting them in being proactive in an attempt to avoid unnecessary ADA compliance lawsuits.

The brochure will encourage business and property owners to review their vulnerability, seek advice and take action before they become a target.

While efforts to change legislation have been unsuccessful the Chamber continues to look for ways to help businesses become more aware of the potential exposure to needless lawsuits and expensive settlements.