I am getting used to Kathie’s reminders of my Presidential duties. My response has gone from “MY WHAT!??” to “Oh, ok”.  So here I sit very late at night when most people are sound asleep, well at least most normal people. I find it very peaceful this late, when not a creature is stirring.  During the day, I have a bad case of what I call “Popcorn Brain”, my thoughts just bouncing around with every interruption.

My installation/coronation was on January 17th, when I officially became President /Queen of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce.  Kathie Thurston and Jan Nowlin, the heart and soul of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, not only support my business efforts, but they were right there encouraging me as I gave my first public speech, a terrifying experience for me. I was given a giant gavel for my presidency which I got to hold for 30 seconds before it was taken away, and a crown for my queenly coronation which I got to keep, an experience I will not soon forget.

So, what is happening in February?  Oh yes, President’s Day. Not that I aspire to the greatness of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, but it does give one a sense of duty and responsibility when you are president of an organization.  I continue my mission to bring in a new member as I talk some ears off, as I honestly believe that a business receives so much more in benefits than what they give in membership fees.  Once again, I ask that our members try to sign up at least one other member during the year.  If you know of someone who may be interested but don’t want to talk to them, please let me know and I will be glad to go and talk with them about the benefits of becoming a Redlands Chamber of Commerce member.

February is also Valentine’s Day. Now it is a little harder to tie in Valentine’s with its mushy lala-lovey dovey theme, but love is about relationships . In a love relationship, you want to do things for the other person, you want them to grow into being better and you stand by your loved ones side in good times and bad; you defend your loved one when someone or something tries to do them harm. The Redlands Chamber of Commerce does the exact same thing in its relationship with the business community without the hugging and kissing. They always have your back when it comes to what best for doing business in Redlands.

Until next month.