FEB 2012 – Redlands Chamber launches new Shop Redlands Campaign

      Chamber President Paul Barich announced a new Shop Redlands campaign at the Chamber’s Annual Installation Dinner. In an effort to encourage customers to Shop Redlands First this year the Chamber will initiate a campaign that will be fun and fruitful for all the businesses inRedlandsespecially Chamber members.

          Each month the Chamber will offer a prize valued at $100 or more. Shoppers will be encouraged to bring original receipts fromRedlandsbusinesses showing purchases of $25 or more to the Chamber office. The date on the receipt must reflect the date of the month of the drawing.  The receipts will be signed by the Chamber staff and exchanged for a ticket… the customer will fill out address and phone number and the ticket will be placed in a bowl to be a part of the month end drawing. If the receipt is from a Chamber member the customer will get two tickets (Chamber members can be found on the Chamber’s website).

          At the end of the month a drawing will take place for the $100 prize. The winner will be announced on the Chamber’s website, in an email blast and in the Redlands Quarterly Magazine Chamber page. The winner will have 48 hours to redeem the prize. If the prize is not redeemed within 48 hours a second drawing will take place.

          ‘We are kicking off the program in February and the first prize will be a $100 gift certificate to Joe Greensleeves.” Said Barich, “We want to encourage residents ofRedlandsto thinkRedlandsfirst when they are shopping and what better way to do it than rewarding them with prizes?

Keeping our dollars in town, supporting our local businesses, keeping our tax dollars in town pays off for all of us, so save those receipts and take them to the Chamber office to be eligible to win a spectacular prize each month.” Check the Chamber’s web site to see what prize is offered and who won each month…… and let’s get shopping.  For more information about the Shop Redlands Campaign call the Chamber office at 793-2546, or visit www.redlandschamber.org.