DEC 2016 – Member Profile – Dunnrite Painting Specialists


Dunnrite Painting Specialists, believes in integrity

Founded in 1960, Dunnrite Painting Inc. was founded in 1990 with a commitment to reliability, honesty and dependability. The crew at Dunnrite Painting shares and extensive experience in everything from residential repaints to new construction to commercial and industrial projects, making them a full service company ready to take on any job. The staff is available to work during a client’s non-business hours, or the project can be done with only a minimal of disruption during regular operating hours. No matter what the scale of the job, from ongoing maintenance to quick in-and-out service, Dunnrite is committed to your complete satisfaction.

“The process of getting the job done should be pleasure no matter how big or small the project.” said President and founder Mark St. John. Dunnrite Paining is a full service painting company with twenty five years of experiences.

To learn more about Dunnrite Painting Specialist or to simply ask a questions about your painting needs, call 909 798-7373 or log onto