DEC 2015 – President’s article by President Jill Riley

Redlands Chamber of Commerce Jill Riley President

I recently went to a ribbon cutting ceremony on State Street. I took my grandson with me and we walked down State Street after. I thought about all the great memories I have growing up and living in this beautiful town.

When I was little my mom would take me down to State Street to shop and then to the Goodie Shop for a treat. I took my three girls to State Street when they were younger as well, where they enjoyed the same kind of memories.

I have lived in Redlands for over 40 years and although it has grown I still feel that small town heritage is alive and thriving. I enjoy the traditions I have developed with my family and all the great memories we have made in Redlands.

I’m proud to be a business owner in this city. As I start my holiday shopping I will Shop Redlands first. I hope you will all join me in helping our local businesses be successful.

From me and my entire family I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and remind you to enjoy time spent with your loved ones.