DEC 2014 – Chamber Offers Discounted Movie Tickets to Chamber Members

13  krikorian pictureAs the cost of just about everything continues to rise, one of the added values of Chamber membership is the ability to escape into the world of movie magic at discounted prices. In partnership with Krikorian Theatres the Redlands Chamber offers discounted tickets to members providing substantial savings when it’s time to go to the movies. This time of year it’s a multi-purpose benefit as the movie tickets make great stocking stuffers, gifts for that one person on your list that has everything and tips for your favorite service provider or treats for your empl0yees. Whether the tickets are used for personal enjoyment or as an incentive for customers or employees, they are a terrific reward for a job well done or a gift for customer loyalty.

Tickets are available at the Chamber office for members only during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, closed 12 – 1, for lunch. (The Chamber office will be closed December 26th through January 1st to oversee the first ever Redlands on Ice, skating rink in Redlands.) Each ticket is $8.00 each. For large orders call in advance to insure there are adequate tickets available.

Discounted movie tickets; another benefit of chamber membership.