DEC 2013 – Chamber encourage shopping in Redlands during holiday season

Keeping tax dollars in town is an important part of the equation when talking about the city’s financial well-being, but more importantly shopping locally supports the local businesses, helps retain jobs, and circulates dollars in the community.

Small businesses employ local people. They support local charities and offer personal services. Local businesses patronizes local businesses, they join  local service clubs and support local athletic programs.

You really can find almost anything you need here in Redlands.

We have:

Retail and wholesale

Restaurants and caterers

Printers, writers and designers

Gift shops, ice cream and toy stores

Bike shops and car dealers

Home improvement stores and maintenance servers

Photographers, artisans and musicians

Pet stores and services

Gourmet food and wine

Personal and professional services

So before you make a purchase ask yourself if you can Shop Redlands first.