City Council approved an amendment to the Sign Code that would allow businesses throughout Redlands to use A-frame signs and free standing banners. Previously A-frame signs were only allowed in a limited downtown area and completely disallowed elsewhere.

After working with city staff for months the new ordinance allows businesses to use the A-frames and free standing banners, in public right of ways in Commercial Zones C1,2,3,4 & M, Transitional Zone, and AP and APC Zones. The signs would also be allowed in Specific Plan areas, 45 (TC,SC,TC-H) East Valley Corridor Specific Plan (EV/CG, EV/IC, EV/AP, EV/CR, EV/TC) Specific Plan 25 and 33.

The A-frame sign cannot exceed three feet in height or two feet in width. Changeable copy on the sign can include 100% of the face of the sign. The freestanding vertical banner sign cannot exceed six feet in height at its highest point, including structural mechanism, or two feet in width.

An application and permit will be necessary before a sign can be placed in front of any business.

“This is a monumental step in the right direction for the business community.” Said Chamber President, Paul Barich. “So many businesses have asked the Chamber for assistance with this issue. We are so pleased to be able to help deliver customers to all our local businesses. It was gratifying to have the City be so willing to work with us and bring this change to the code. We are especially grateful to city staff and Mayor Pro Tem Foster for seeing this through. “

A complete copy of the new ordinance can be found on the City website at