City Council passes ordinance that provides preference for local businesses

In an effort to promote business retention, Redlands City Council recently agreed to provide an 8% preference for goods, equipment, services or construction to local businesses in the procurement processes for the City of Redlands. The intent of the ordinance is to promote economic health and encourage local business participation in the procurement process.

Local businesses are defined as having a valid Redlands Business License and having its principal business operation located in the City of Redlands.

Until the recent decision the local preference was just 1% a small differential that made little or no difference in the bidding process. The move to increase the local preference will encourage local vendors to participate in the procurement process and keep the dollars local.

While the Chamber has been focused on a Shop Redlands Campaign for years the City’s leadership in setting the new 8% preference for local businesses aids in delivering the message of keeping the dollars circulating in town.

To learn more about the procurement process contact the City purchasing department or go on line