Cinda Baxter founder of 3/50 program comes to Redlands

What three independently owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared? That is the first question that will be asked by 3/50 Project founder Cinda Baxter when she comes to speak at Redlands March 2, bringing with her answers to saving locally owned business through her grassroots effort of 3/50.

What is 3/50? It is a simple concept. Pick those three businesses you would miss if they disappeared. Spend $50 in each of them each month; knowing that it is customer dollars like yours keeping that business alive. And not only did you support that specific business with your dollars, but you supported the local businesses in your community. $68 out of every $100 spent at locally owned businesses goes back into the community. Win- win.

Wondering how the 3/50 Project can benefit you and your business? Wondering how working the 3/50 Project principles into your consumer habits will benefit the community and the economy? The answers to those questions and more will be offered by Baxter during her only Southern California speaking engagement.

Who is Cinda Baxter? She is a retail consultant and motivational speaker who took what started as a blog post and turned it into a nationwide movement to save small business. Baxter will share the history of the project, how it grew and what it could mean to the Redlands business community.

Sponsored by Redlands Community Hospital, Epic Management, Redlands Daily Facts, Citrograph Printing Co., Redlands Chamber of Commerce, this event is free but will fill up quickly. Reserve your seat by calling the chamber office at (909)793-2546.