Chamber works with Economic Development sub committee

The Chamber staff again met with the City’s Economic Development sub committee comprised of Mayor Pete Aguilar, Mayor Pro Tem, Paul Foster, Development Services Director, Oscar Orci, and City Manager Enrique Martinez to review current project status and discuss the City of Redlands retail leakage analysis.

Through discussion a number of market areas were identified as critical missing components in the retail sector in the area and should be considered targets for recruitment. A list of those opportunities was developed and a strategy determined to examine the requirements and the ability to meet the needs. A timeline and accountability to contact the most desirable on the list was assigned to Orci. Reporting on results will take place in September.

The 2011/12 City budget has allocated funds for Orci to hire an Economic Development Manager but until that position has been filled Orci and his department will continue press forward to fill the voids.