Be prepared to talk about yourself

We’ve all heard the term “Elevator Speech” before but what exactly is that speech and when do we use it? It’s not confined to that three story or better ride in an Otis mechanical box but rather an opportunity to sell yourself, your business, service or product in a brief moment of time, it’s an opportunity that presents its self without notice.

It should be a window to your personality, and shouldn’t sound canned, it should sound conversational. The key to a successful “Elevator Speech” is simple; make it sound effortless, memorable and sincere. You need to sound confident and enthusiastic. Don’t rush through it and remember to smile. Don’t confuse your “audience” with industry jargon they may not understand and watch for clues that it’s time to wrap up before the listener “glazes over.”

If you are nervous about your “Elevator Speech” you might want to think about joining a public speaking group such as Toastmasters that will help you overcome the fear of public speaking whether to a crowd of hundreds or just one in an elevator.