AUG 2018 – Member Profile – The Village at Redlands


The Village at Redlands, Your Home – Your Community

The Village at Redlands, 310 S. Wabash Ave. Redlands, offers more than just a retirement community. They have a complete selection of Cottage Homes, Apartment Homes, services and activities that focus on maintaining your independence. At the same time, they listen carefully to your personal needs, preferences and requests, to help provide the services you may need.

Should the time come when you desire additional assistance, you can easily access the support you need. Professional care givers provide tailored services to meet your individual needs. So regardless of whether you live in an apartment or cottage, the care and health services can come to you, a concept known as “Aging in Place”.

The Village at Redlands was founded by compassionate and caring members of the community. They are organized under the laws of the State of California as a non-profit {501 c (3)} to meet the needs of seniors. They have a Board of Directors that meets regularly to deal with operational matters, the financial integrity of the program and future planning.

The Village at Redlands’ history goes back to 1988 when 4 Christian Churches in Redlands joined forces to plot a course for the development of a retirement community. This was the first time that Bethany Reformed Church, 1st Christian Reformed Church, Highland Christian Reformed Church and Hope Protestant Reformed Church, came together with a common goal, building a retirement home to care for our senior population.

At The Village at Redlands it’s the people that make the difference. The staff and residents uphold traditional values, including honoring the dignity and worth of each individual, making this a community of loving, caring and sharing.

Situated east of downtown Redlands, The Village at Redlands is located on a 20.34 acre parcel on Wabash Avenue between Highland Avenue and Fifth Avenue, in the east side of the City of Redlands. Wabash is a wide, fully-developed, modern arterial road. Highland and Fifth are also newly built with full curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.

With a beautiful horseshoe-shaped view of the San Bernardino Mountains on the north, the view to the east includes the Crafton Hills and majestic San Gorgonio mountain peak. To the south, the Crafton Hills continue to the rise of the “Heights,” and the 5,000-foot Pidgin Peak. The natural beauty of mountains, orange groves and palm trees is a truly stunning setting for our retirement community.

To Learn more about The Village at Redlands, call the office at 794-9880 or log onto,