AUG 2015 – Are they humanoids? Robots? Androids?

4  shadow zombieIs it really possible? Is summer half over? Are the “Back to School” sales already heating up? Are Halloween candies already on the shelves?

You bet they are!!!! And that means its Zombie Season! Word on the street is those blood thirsty ridiculously dressed, not really all that scary humanoids will be out and about Saturday, October 24th 6:00 PM, in and around Sylvan Park.

Do you have what it takes to out run this robot like creatures? Test your metal in the 5Kish run/ walk/stalk, where the only thing you have to do is steer clear of the Zombies along the route. When you return to the park, there will be an “after life” celebration, that not only includes bragging rights, but also for those of you 21 and older beer!

For the little monsters in your life the Itty Bitty Zombie Zone will provide fun, activities and treats so the entire family can play in the dark.

The opportunities are endless. You of course can be an expert runner dodging the androids on the course. You can be a Zombie, looking for a life line in order to survive. You can be a Good Samaritan, who offers help, direction and laughter along the way. You can be a really cool parent that dresses the kids up for a good time in the park in the dark. You can be a spectator of the fun and partake in the beer and food fest. The list just goes on and on.

While wandering in the park, you can get your best Zombie make-up done by professional make-up artists. You can enter the costume contest and win a cash prize, you can warm up and stretch to insure no injury along the way… because you can guess what happens if you stop to massage a “Charley Horse”.

Be a part of the fun, log on to and register to play, play, play.