APRIL 2016 – President’s Article by Jill Riley

Redlands Chamber of Commerce Jill Riley President

I recently had family from Colorado visit. They had not been to Redlands in more than 12 years. While here they stayed at the local Ayres Hotel. The service was wonderful!

I realized sometimes our lives get so busy and we are in such a hurry to get everything done that we don’t get to enjoy all the beauty Redlands has to offer. I took them to Kimberly Crest, Prospect Park, Morrie Mansion, Burgess Mansion, and the Lincoln Shrine; just to name a few of our stops over the visit. We walked down State Street and drove through Redlands to look at all the Victorian homes. We also stopped at an orange stand so they could purchase fresh oranges. We visited many local restaurants and of course went shopping.

Although Redlands has grown since their last visit, they still felt the small hometown feeling Redlands is known for. It made me thankful for the town I live in. It also made me remember all the opportunities that are in our town. I encourage you to revisit Redlands enjoy some of the places that we may forget are important to our community. You’ll be glad you did.