APRIL 2015 – Did You Know


  • The Redlands Chamber serves on the City of Redlands Disaster Council that will help businesses prepare for the advent of a disaster, and plan for recovery as well as act as a conduit of information to the business community in the event of a disaster
  • The Chamber supported the City’s Alcohol Deemed Approved Ordinance, that provides an additional tool for the police department when overseeing businesses, new and old, that serve alcohol and the resulting behaviors.
  • The Chamber has worked with the Redlands Conservancy on a marketing campaign to reach out to the development community interested in restoring and adaptively reusing commercial buildings, enhancing the current makeup of the existing inventory in Redlands, the result was a brochure that shows the kinds of opportunities available when locating and adapting buildings in downtown and historic areas.
  • The Chamber led the regional campaign opposing AB 2416, a bill that would create a new super-lien that would allow employees, governmental agencies or anyone authorized on behalf of the employee to file liens on an employer’s real or personal property, and/or property where work was performed, based on alleged-yet-unproven wage claims. A lien could be placed on an employer’s property and on the property where the work was done, in an effort to collect unresolved wage disputes. Residential remodel, tenant improvements, landscaping or custom home construction, delivery, service and more could have placed you in jeopardy of being woven into a wage dispute and consequently create a financial nightmare for you. The bill failed.