APR 2018 President’s article by Scott Welsh

Springtime is blooming with Redlands events!

I recently attended the Art on State Street and Redlands Art Walk in downtown Redlands.  I was reminded of the many opportunities we have as business owners and leaders to support and sponsor local events in town.  As we wandered our downtown streets I witnessed many businesses participating and hosting their own booths, and creating their own spotlight with displays and interacting with the attendees.  As we approached Jax Toys owner Michael Eubanks was assisting kids with chalk art, and encouraging them to try one of the many push toys they sell. Several State Street stores had artwork displayed inside and outside their stores to attract future customers. This is a great illustration of product integration! Not every event has something to display inside your store, but all events offer a way to help your business standout.

There are many and different reasons for sponsoring a Redlands event, and all of them good!  You know the old adage that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”?  Sponsoring a local event shows you care about your community.    When your business logo is seen at a local event, potential customers will take note and your business, and a relationship is developed.  Your act of generosity can pay lasting dividends for future business.

There are several solid benefits of local event sponsorship.  1. Reach your target market.  Like-minded people attend events.  The Redlands Bicycle Classic, for example, isn’t just a bike race, it’s a platform for many local service organizations like Kiwanis and Rotary, and has a number of family oriented activities. And, you will reach an active and economically sound audience. 2. Create an emotional connection with your customer. When you have a booth at the New Year’s Eve Orange drop, Or The Taste of Vintage Redlands, people get to know you in a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying our historic downtown area. 3. Build Brand Awareness. Sponsoring the Redlands Bowl, Redlands Symphony, or the Hangar 24 Airfest puts your brand in front of tens of thousands of potential customers who will recognize your brand in future months. Finally, know the money you put into a Redlands event stays in Redlands. Most events use local services, vendors, food products, and promotional items.  This has a great impact on our local economy!

There are many and different events in Redlands you can include in your marketing plan.  See redlandschamber.org or cityofredlands.org for an event you can enjoy.