APR 2014 – President’s Article

rcc-geoff-bonneyBy President Geoff Bonney, Bonney Architecture

Here we are in April already.  This is a good time to provide some info on the latest goings on at the Chamber.

Cruisin’ Cuisine:  It’s back!  The Chamber’s annual spring event will be here on Saturday, April 12th.  This is a fabulous event that gives you the opportunity to try the delicious fare from 11 of Redlands’ finest restaurants.  Part of the genius of this event is that you walk off what you eat during the event.  Tickets are available online at www.redlandscuisine.com, or at the Chamber office.

FAST Critical Infrastructure Program:  That stands for Flood, ADA Ramps, Sidewalks, Trees & Parks.  Contrary to our understanding back in February, the City Council did not have to make a decision to put this on the ballot right away.  As such, the program is still open for discussion and, hopefully, modification.

The Chamber Board of Directors revisited the issue, and supports the portion of the program to address ramps, sidewalks, and trees.  This portion delivers a good bang for the buck.  When you include the end of the Measure O tax earlier this year, the net impact is not that much.  Flood control is not as simple.  Recent floods resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of damage.  The question is not so much as to whether or not infrastructure work needs to be done, but more how much work needs to be done, and if this is this the right approach to solving the problem.  $47.8 million is a lot of money.  The Chamber Government Review Committee will continue to review this matter.  The GRC meets on the first Wednesday of every month, and you are welcome to attend to express your views or just listen in on the discussions.

Alcohol Ordinance:  An alcohol ordinance is under staff review in preparation for City Council consideration.  The purpose is to reduce the amount of damage done to public and private property by patrons of businesses that serve alcohol.  Under the proposed ordinance, businesses selling alcohol will be held accountable for damage done by their patrons, and could risk losing their conditional use permit to sell alcohol.  The current language for the ordinance includes a fee for these businesses to pay for employee training and City monitoring.  The GRC will review the proposed ordinance and make recommendations to the Chamber Board on a position or possible action.  Stay tuned.

Congressional Candidate Forum:  The Chamber is working on a forum for the candidates running for the 31st Congressional District.  Since the incumbent, Gary Miller, is not seeking re-election, this will be an interesting race.  This will be a joint venture endeavor with other Chambers in the district.  We hope to schedule the forum for later this month, pending the availability of the candidates and facilities.  This will be a great opportunity to hear where the candidates stand on the issues important to the business community.

Night Light Run:  I know December is a long way off, but the Night Light Run Committee is already planning.  The inaugural event last year was a big success, and we are looking forward to making this year even better.  If you would like to participate on the committee contact the Chamber Office.  And bring your “enlightening” puns.

Cruisin’ Cuisine:  Did I mention Cruisin’ Cuisine?  Get your tickets today!  And thank you for all you do to support your Redlands Chamber of Commerce.