APR 2013 – President’s article by Daney Bachiu

This is my fourth President’s message and Kathie has not had to use a cattle prod yet, although she has cracked the whip a few times. So here we are in April the month of fools, and here in Redlands it is also the month of bicycles and runners.

The Redlands Bicycle Classic attracts professional bicycle racers from all over the world.  Along with the professional riders come their coaches, trainers and team support which is a boon to Redlands businesses especially hotels and restaurants.

The Kiwanis Run Through Redlands is a one day event (half day actually) that does not have the same economic impact to Redlands businesses as the Bicycle Classic, it does however, bring hundreds of people from out of the area who, once they have had a glimpse of Redlands will come back to spend more time (and money) in our fair city. The Redlands Chamber of Commerce welcomes both these events, their participants,  fans and spectators and wishes them continued success.

I am fascinated with the runners of 5ks, 10ks, and other races. They seem to be willing to pay a lot of money to run in any bizarre race or situation or condition. The Board decided to replace Redlands Chamber Live auction with a Mud Run as our major fundraiser. Executive Director, Kathie Thurston, Manager Jan Nowlin and I participated in (visually, not actually) a Mud Run in the High Desert.  We formed a committee and started putting it all together only to find out we could not procure land to do this, so after two false starts and no mud, we switched to a color run. When we found out how much cornstarch and dye we needed to purchase and mix, we decided against this run.  Kathie heard about a light run so last December, we went to Costa Mesa and participated  in (visually and actually) that run. It was a spectacular event and we decided this is the run for the chamber.  Mark your calendars for December. It will be Redlands first night time 5K race….Watch for updates.

Cruisin’ Cuisine tickets are now on sale and going fast . If you want to participate in this delicious event, get your tickets soon, as this is always a sell out.  Plan on eating your way through downtown Redlands on June 22nd.

I’ll be in touch again next month…MAY the force be with me!