APR 2013 – City will now allow multi-day outdoor sales

The City will now allow businesses to operate outdoor temporary special event sales. Previously businesses that held special multi-day sales events that included customer enticements such as tents and canopies, flags, and BBQs were prevented from doing so often cited by code enforcement and were forced to shut down. Working with the Chamber and after reviewing the benefits of these “special event facilities or temporary sales” the city has developed a criteria that will allow the sales of goods and services for any organization which represents a variation from the facility’s normal operation or location.

A permit will be required for a special event sale that will allow for a three consecutive day event for a maximum of four times a year. A permit application must be submitted for each of the four events. There are a number of obligations that are included in the permitting process that may require fire prevention standards, business licenses and any additional permits that may be necessary. A fee for permit will be charged. Advanced application will be necessary prior to the sale.

Local companies have been attempting to find new and unique ways to draw customers to their businesses and this is one more avenue that has now become available without the threat of fine or legal action.

To permit a special event sale apply at the “One Stop Permitting Center” at City Hall.