APR 2012 – Chamber’s Government Review Committee suggests amendment to sign code

     The Redlands Chamber of Commerce Government Review Committee has proposed an amendment to the Sign Code that will allow business outside the downtown business arena the opportunity to use portable of A-frame signs. The current code does not allow businesses to use A-frame structures if located outside the geographic confines of the Downtown Business District. Because the business district was recently dissolved the committee that had been working on the revisions decided it was the perfect time to submit changes, as the language in the code required modification because of the disbanding.

        The need for expanding the use of portable signs came to the attention of the Chamber when a number of businesses indicated that during these extremely difficult economic times businesses are reinventing, recreating new and innovative ways to find new customers and clients and many are looking for unique and distinctive advertising opportunities. While A-frames have been banned in commercial areas outside of downtown many businesses have opted for using them attempting lure customers in, but have found themselves on the wrong side of the law and have been cited by code enforcement and forced to remove the violating sign.

        In an effort to be fair and equitable to all businesses located in commercial zones and in specific plan areas, the Chamber is proposing that portable signs be allowed with size restrictions, and noted location limits. The proposal has been sent to Council liaison for review. Watch for details as the recommendation moves forward through channels at City Hall.