SEPT 2019 – Chamber Networking Opportunities

Chamber Networking Opportunities

The Chamber offers regular programs each month that allow for members to network with each other. Most recently, the Chamber’s “Business-to-Business” event was graciously hosted by Toyota of Redlands and catering was donated by Corner Bakery Café – both Chamber members. This is always an afternoon event that allows for members to meet each other and frequently results in new business opportunities!

On the first Friday of each month the Chamber also hosts “Rise ‘N Shine” at the Elks Lodge. This popular event allows members to learn about what’s happening in the community for that month, network with each other, and inform attendees of any special programming or events their organization may be hosting.

The Young Professional Network hosts morning talks with civic and community leaders in business and government, and will begin offering early evening mixers at Chamber businesses.

The new year will see an increase in educational offerings, seminars, and forums hosted by the Chamber or in tandem with the City. Increased social networking opportunities will also be launched by the Young Professionals Network, which will be open to all members.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, there will be a variety of opportunities to meet your networking needs! The Chamber is always open to new ideas and partnerships with its membership, so members are welcome to contact the Chamber with suggestions.