This year the Redlands Chamber of Commerce and the City of Redlands will be hosting the 3rd annual New Year’s Eve Orange Drop, celebrating the incoming year by dropping a spectacularly lit  orange.

The downtown businesses, including retail, restaurants, and bars will have the benefit of having thousands of thirsty, hungry customers looking for a place to land while waiting for the year 2020 to ring in. In addition to the restaurants and bars central to the Orange Drop, local vendors will also be available, providing even more options for community members and visitors. The Orange Drop on State Street will include a DJ, dancing, specialty drinks and dinners, and much more.

As has been demonstrated in hundreds of cities across the nation that have been ringing in the New Year in this fashion for years, the economic infusion is remarkable and the showcase of community and local businesses is notable.

Sponsors for the event will have access to a VIP area hosted with refreshments and receive gift baskets of locally-made Redlands products, donated by local artisans. They will also have logos at the event and be included in pres releases. For more information on sponsorships,  please call the Chamber office at 909-793-2546.

So gather up your friends and family and head to downtown Redlands to celebrate the arrival of 2020!