Senator Bob Dutton joins victims of “ADA shakedown” and announces “Fix it” Bill

On Friday, March 2, at 10:00 AM Senator Bob Dutton (R) will hold a press conference inRedlands at Redlands Lock & Key, 430 E Redlands announce Senate Bill 1186. SB 1186 is the proposed “Fix it” Bill that will allow business and property owners the opportunity to fix any ADA non-compliance concern brought to their attention without the threat of legal action or monetary demand. This non partisan bill protects both the disabled community and the businesses community alike.

The Redlands Chamber of Commerce is once again the sponsor of the bill and has been working tirelessly to assist the Senator in preparation to move the bill forward and pass it through the Judiciary Committee and onto the floor.

 Hundreds of businesses have been affected by attacks on the business communities up and down the State forcing many to close their doors for good. SB 1186 will allow businesses to address the compliance issues immediately without punitive actions, increasing ADA compliance and shutting down a cottage industry that has bled small business owners for decades.