Sample Letter To Senator Mike Morrell RE: AB 2416

 Senator Mike Morrell
1801 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 240
Redlands CA 92374
Senator Mike Morrell,
            On behalf of ___________________________I want to share with you our strong opposition to AB 2416.
            AB 2416 creates a new super-lien that would allow employees, governmental agencies or anyone authorized on behalf of the employee to file liens on an employer’s real or personal property, and/or property where work was performed, based on alleged-yet-unproven wage claims.
            This errant bill will cripple California businesses, severely disrupt commercial and personal real estate markets and would allow unproven wage dispute claims to take precedence over almost all other liens or judgments.
            There are already existing legal remedies in place for wage disputes. Employees have a number of options at their disposal to address wage disputes without impacting mortgage financing and blurring property titles.
            Please take our message to the Senate floor and sound the battle cry.
AB 2416 is a “job killer” and places yet another stranglehold on the business base in the State of California.
            We also need to send a clear message that we will no long tolerate nonsense legislation but call it out and those that support it.
            ______________________urges opposition to AB 2416.