A victory for the Chamber and City alike

Good news ……because of the hard work of your chamber and its members…. The U.S. Post Office Processing Center on Redlands Blvd. is the only center in Southern California that will NOT be closed. The Chamber’s Government Review Committee and staff rolled up their sleeves and campaigned legislators asking them write letters to plead our case to keep the center open and save more than 700 local jobs. Thanks to Congressman Jerry Lewis, Senator Dianne Fienstein, Senator Bob Dutton, Assemblyman Mike Morrell, Supervisor Neil Derry, our Mayor and City Council, Chamber members and the business community, the decision makers inWashington took notice and made the right decision and the center will stay open. This is another example of what can be done when we work together with focus and purpose and keep our eye on the prize….. a better future for the city of Redlands.!!!!!!