Welcome to the Redlands Chamber of Commerce!

Since 1893, the Redlands Chamber of Commerce has a long history of supporting the Redlands business community. Whether it is a business that has been here many years, or one just moving to the area, the Redlands Chamber of Commerce has their best interests in mind.

These same businesses in turn support the numerous community events and philanthropic endeavors that sets Redlands apart. Whenever I have out of town guests or talk to someone new to Redlands, they are amazed at the number of community events and the great spirit of volunteerism that is our city’s benchmark.

Our strong business community reflects a strong chamber of commerce and there is no better advocate for business than the Redlands Chamber of Commerce. I am proud to be a part of this fine organization. If you are a new business to Redlands, I urge you to become a chamber member. They offer numerous opportunities to network with other businesses and get involved in the community, seriously and just for fun.

If you are visiting Redlands, contact the Redlands Chamber of Commerce to point you in the right direction to enjoy our many community events to answer your questions about Redlands or refer you to one of the many businesses that provide countless products and services.

For more information about the Redlands Chamber of Commerce or the City of Redlands, call 909 793-2546 or email at info@redlandschamber.org.

Redlands Chamber of Commerce Jill Riley President

Jill Riley, President
Redlands Chamber of Commerce