NOV 2013 – Chamber Members Renewing in October 2013

Scott Shamblin
P. O. Box 7942
Redlands, CA  92375
Phone:  792-5356
Yolanda Coker
1967 Essex Court
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  793-1035
Kathleen Albrektson
1801 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 230
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  335-2913
P. T. McEwen
1251 Clay Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  798-4599
Bruce Smith
10020 Alabama Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  307-2913
Trey Weatherill
301 Vanderbilt Way
San Bernardino, CA  92408
Phone:  888-6363
Al Hernandez
113 E. State Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  792-3901
Gayatree Patel
1230 W. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  335-9988
Chris Wilcott
2064 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  793-2031
Scott Marinis
285 Hospitality Lane
San Bernardino, CA  92408
Phone:  889-0133
Jim Walling
P. O. Box 495
Loma Linda, CA  92354
Phone:  437-3194
Dr. Norman Mathis
508 Cajon Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-2024
Louis Curti
13024 San Timoteo Canyon Road
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  798-1278
Bobby Focht
305 W. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  792-2227
Roy Jameson & Ron Curran
1547 Park Avenue
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  798-1177
Trisha Aurelio
P. O. Box 8487
Redlands, CA  92375
Phone:  792-3402
Manuel Martinez
304 Ninth Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-2164
Michele Nielsen
2024 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Phone:  307-2669
Missy Sanborn
415 E. High Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  798-7183
Del and Pam Armstrong
1006 No. Wabash Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  389-7867
Margie Armantrout-Jami Spencer
345A North 5th Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-1294
Avianna Homan
1635 Industrial Park Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  798-7774
Dave Moore
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-0771
Paul Smith
921 New York Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  793-0300
Barbara Smith
Yucaipa, CA  92399
Phone:  797-5860
Toebe Bush
35154 Yucaipa Blvd
Redlands, CA  92399
Phone:  797-9101
Attention:  Treasurer
P. O. Box 7785
Redlands, CA  92375
Phone:  792-3291


Redlands Chamber Night Light Run – December 14th

Runners are all a-glow, registrations are coming in and the word is out——Redlands Chamber Night Light Run, Saturday, December 14, 6:00 PM, is going to be THE HOLIDAY EVENT of the season!  Light technicians are working on the brilliant effects that will dazzle the runners and spectators alike. The DJ is lining up the “beats” that will get the crowd jazzed. The committee is hard at work readying the course, notifying the downtown businesses to be on the look-out for glow-in-the-dark bedazzled athletes who will be ready to “feed”  or shop after their exhausting 5K meander through the streets of Redlands.  And the buzz is this is one fun event that can’t be missed. So bundle up the baby, deck out the kids, light up grandma and grandpa and head down to the Redlands Mall where you will see more neon, glow, iridescent , shimmer and shine than you ever imagined,. Stroll with us on a crisp winter night and be a part of the first ever Night Light Run in Redlands.

OCT 2013 – President’s Message by Daney Bachiu

By President, Daney Bachiu,

Redlands Blueprint & Commercial Printing

After a hot and humid summer, Fall has finally fallen upon us.  I really, really, like the cooler days and nights.  When I get home at night, I open the windows, turn on my whole house fan, (you’re welcome SCE) and in about 20 minutes it’s 68 degrees.  It actually got down to 64 last night and I had to turn the fan off.

As I write this, the countdown is on….75 days to our First Annual Night Light Run.  As more and more people register, there is an undercurrent of excitement growing at the Chamber office.

One could say, you can feel the electricity in the air. This is going to be one fabulously fun event, so don’t miss out. The closer to the event, the higher the entry fee, so register now and take advantage of the discount.  The entire chamber staff of two, committee member, Jill Riley  her daughters, soon to be son-in-law and myself have fun on Thursday nights giving away Cotton Candy while promoting the Night Light Run.

With all the holiday parties, open houses, and get-togethers already being scheduled the last quarter of any year is a social whirr.  This year, with the culmination of the 125th Anniversary Celebration, the dinner, play, fireworks, art festivals and tours, along with our own fantastic Night Light Run, I think it is safe to say it is going to be a social blurrr.  Pace yourself accordingly so you can enjoy it all. Check the community calendar on the Chamber’s website so you don’t miss any of the festivities.



OCT 2013 – Krikorian Discounted Movie Tickets Available at the Chamber Office

As the cost of just about everything continues to rise, one of the added values of Chamber membership is the ability to escape into the world of movie magic at discounted prices. In partnership with Krikorian Theatres the Redlands Chamber offers discounted tickets to members providing substantial savings when it’s time to go to the movies.

Whether the tickets are used for personal enjoyment or as an incentive for customers or employees, they are a terrific reward for a job well done or a gift for customer loyalty.

Tickets are available at the Chamber office for members only during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM (closed 12 –1). Each ticket is $8.00 each (Cash or Check Only Please). For large orders call in advance to insure there are adequate tickets available. (909) 793-2546

Discounted movie tickets; another benefit of chamber membership!!

OCT 2013 – Affordable Care Act – Enrollment Has Begun

Covered California has official launched providing health coverage for millions in the State under the Affordable Care Act. Open enrollment began October 1 and healthcare coverage will begin January 1, 2014.  To help employers and employees understand the exchange and the subsidies from the federal government the Redlands Chamber of Commerce will offer a seminar on October, 11, 7:30 AM at the Chamber office.

The seminar, presented by John Heaton, JMH Insurance Solutions Inc. will provide an update on enrollment, plans, process, application procedures and more.

John will answer questions, and help find solutions for you, your business and your employees.

The seminar is free to Chamber members. Space is limited so reservations are necessary. Please call the Chamber office at 793-2546 to make your reservations.

OCT 2013 – Chamber Night Light Run – Time to Get Glowing

Get your costumes ready….it’s going to be a wild and crazy glow in the dark experience in downtown Redlands, Saturday, December 14th, 6:00 PM. It’s part fashion pizazz complete with glow-wear, electrified accessories and smelly sneakers and part evening stroll under the stars at the Redlands Chamber Night Light Run!

Where else can you have a whacky night out dressed like you did when before your mother said “YOU’RE NOT WEAR THAT OUT OF THIS HOUSE YOUNG________________ (LADY/MAN- Fill in the blank)”

So maybe it’s not really a running race but more a sauntering race, a meandering by the mile race, a jaunty stroll over hill and dale race, actually there’s no racing involved, just a whole lot of fun for the entire family.

Dress up the kids, the grandparents, the aunts the uncles, the nerdy guy in front of the computer and bring them down to the Redlands Mall where they will “Ooooooo and Ahhhhhhh” over the amazing light show. Their feet will begin to move spontaneously to the beat of the music and suddenly without them even knowing it they will break into unconstrained dance moves they didn’t even know they could do.

After the race visit the businesses in downtown Redlands that will be offering special deals for the goofy people dressed in bright neon glowy stuff a sure sign that you were a “racer” and deserve special treatment.

Register for the race early and get a huge “save a ton of money discount”. Runners get an official Night Light Run T-shirt (will quite easily become a collector’s item in the not so near future) glow embellishments to adorns your racing attire and bragging rights. Go on line for more information or call the Chamber office at 793-2546 for all the brilliant details.

OCT 2013 – Chamber Welcomes Intern Sarah Snedaker

Sarah Snedaker has joined the Chamber team as an intern.  She is currently a student at California State University, Fullerton, where she is earning her bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

So far she is enjoying her responsibilities as Chamber Intern assisting people in finding answers to their Redlands questions, helping to plan the upcoming Redlands Chamber Night Light Run, and most of all, meeting all the various chamber members and learning about their businesses.  She looks forward to meeting more chamber members and hopefully being able to help grow their businesses.

When asked what her hobbies were she replied “Chasing around Charlie ( the office poodle) when he steals my things, and being a foodie at all the delicious restaurants in Redlands”.

“Sarah has been a gift to the organization and staff.” said Kathie Thurston, Chamber Executive Director. “It’s great to have and extra set of hands on deck when we are planning a new event and Sarah has been a delight. She’s eager to learn, willing to do anything and jumps in no matter what the project. We are thrilled she’s joined the team.”

OCT 2013 – Redlands Police Department Spearheading a New Approach to Combating Crime

As crime rates increase and the challenge to prevent, and solve crimes intensifies, Lt. Travis Martinez and the Redlands Police Department are engaging in high tech solutions for both business and residential robberies and burglaries. GPS technology is proving to be a significant tool in combating and quickly solving thefts in real time.

The Redlands Police Department has developed a program that engages the use of electronic tracking to assist in the apprehension of criminals as they commit criminal acts.

The tracking device uses a small thin flex board that can be embedded in cash packs or secured to property, such as safes, TVs, projectors, cash registers, etc. When moved, it activates and links up with three components; radio frequency, a cell tower and most importantly GPS. It immediately alerts the dispatch center as well as officer’s cell phones through an instant messaging system. Officers can then observe a location map of the device and suspect moving in real time all through a secure internet based system.  GPS tracking systems offer an affordable and immediate tool to apprehending those committing criminal acts.  The technology can also be used in electronic stakeouts baiting the criminals and capturing the criminal in the act with tangible evidence. Catching the criminal in the act with goods in hand aids in the prosecution of cases.

The cost of each tracking device is $450 per unit with a $30 per month service fee.

Lt. Travis Martinez states “The devices have been responsible for the arrests of 67 career criminals since January 2011 for crimes such as armed robbery, commercial burglary, vehicle burglary, bike theft, laptop theft, metal theft, and wire theft.  The Redlands Police Department has seen the value of deploying the devices at a cost of only $2 a day per device the first year and $1 a day every year after.  With the increase in residential burglary, the Community Policing Bureau created a program where Redlands Residents can pick up a device from RPD and deploy it at their household while they are away on vacation.  The program is designed to add another layer of security as well as give the homeowner peace of mind while they are enjoying a vacation.   If business owners would also like to participate in the program, they can fund a device that can be deployed at their business 24/7.”

Currently, the Redlands Police Department is conducting an electronic home surveillance program. Launched in September, before leaving for an extended period, Redlands Residents can check out a small tracking device from the PD. It can be hidden in valuable items that might be attractive to burglars. Once the resident leaves,  the device is activated. Any movement will trigger the device sending a signal to the Police Department. Using the GPS tracking software, officers can track the device and quickly locate the stolen property and the thief. The devices used were purchased by the department using asset forfeiture funds. There is no cost to participate in the program. However, the PD is asking for voluntary donations to help offset the monthly service fees.  To learn more about this innovative program, visit

Businesses interested in purchasing tracking devices that can be deployed at their business 24/7 should contact Lt. Martinez.  If you have any questions, Lt. Martinez can be reached at (909) 557-6583 or

OCT 2013 – City News by Mayor Pro Tem Foster

The City of Redlands will bring to a close its celebration of the City’s founding with several community-wide events, the first of which will be held Saturday, November 2nd.  The 125th Anniversary “Extravaganza” will have various events throughout the day, including a community dinner served at noon and 4 p.m. in Smiley Park.  Tickets for the barbecue dinner are $7 and can be purchased at various locations in the City, including the City Clerk’s Office and our own Chamber Office.

The day will start off with the Farmer’s Market held at the City parking lot located at 5th Street and Redlands Boulevard.  Historic bus tours led by Tom Atchley, Larry Burgess and Nathan Gonzales will depart at the north parking lot of the Redlands Mall.  Bus tour tickets are $25 and the proceeds will go to the Heritage Room of the A.K. Smiley Public Library.  Seats are limited so reservations for the bus tours are suggested. For reservations, call (909) 307-6060.  Entertainment from community groups and local Redlands schools will be provided throughout the day at Ed Hales Park and the Redlands Bowl.

During the day a variety of exhibits, events and walking tours are planned.  A Kids Zone featuring historic games and crafts led by the Boy and Girl Scouts of Redlands will be located in Smiley Park behind the library.  The Kids Zone will also have a small performance area with musical performing groups.  Also in this area of the park will be various booths featuring the many historical related groups in Redlands.

The park area next to the Redlands Bowl will be devoted to historic re-enactors who will display costumes, handicrafts and trades typical of the late 19th Century when the City was founded.

The Mission Gables house located on Eureka Street will host art works created by the young people of the City which followed the theme of the City’s founding.  In the patio area to the rear of the building art works created especially for this event by local Redlands Artists will be on display.

The Red Dirt Art Festival will be held during the day in the park next to the Old City Hall, displaying additional artwork created by local artisans.

The Contemporary Club building on Eureka Street will host several displays from the Redlands Historical Museum and the San Bernardino County Museum collections.  Also on display will be photos produced by members of the Redlands Camera Club.

Complimentary historical walking tours of the Smiley Park neighborhood and downtown Redlands will be led by volunteers from the Historical Society and the Heritage Auxiliary of the Contemporary Club.  Tours will begin on the hour and half hour from both Smiley Park behind the library and Ed Hales Park at the corner of 5th and East State streets.

The Redlands Bowl itself will be the site of the conclusion of the day’s events.  The ceremonies will include a welcome by our Mayor Pete Aguilar, and brief talks by our local historians, Larry Burgess and Tom Atchley.  Former Mayor Carol Beswick will also speak.  The Redlands Fourth of July Band, led by Curtiss Allen, Sr., will present several musical numbers.  A brief sketch from the “Redlands, My Redlands” original musical production will also be performed.  The finale of the evening will be a spectacular fireworks display in the sky above the Redlands Bowl.

On Monday, November 11th the City will host its first Veteran’s Day Parade in many decades.  The parade committee, led by City Clerk Sam Irwin, has a wonderful event planned to honor our Veterans.  The parade will end at Jennie Davis Park where the festivities will continue.  This event is free to the public.

On November 15th and 16th, the newly composed production of “Redlands, My Redlands” will be performed at the University of Redlands Memorial Chapel.  This lively, heartwarming look at Redlands’ history composed by local music artist James Skousen with a cast of Redlands residents including community notables such as Mayor Pete Aguilar, Martha Green, Council Members Jon Harrison and Bob Gardner, City Clerk Sam Irwin and School Board Member Neal Waner will be a highlight of this anniversary year.

Tickets are $5 and available at the City Clerk’s Office, Chamber of Commerce and at the 125th Anniversary booth at Market Night during October.  The finale of the anniversary year is the debut showing of our documentary film highlighting how philanthropy has been an integral part of developing our community into the special place it is today.

The documentary has been a work of love for Al and Susan Stevens of Redlands own, “Work and Play Productions.”  They have been working with groups and filming all over town.  Of course our host and narrator is our exceptional local historian, Dr. Larry Burgess.

The film will be debuted as part of the Esri Forum Series on the early evenings of November 26, (the actual date of our City’s incorporation) and November 27.

A celebration anniversary cake will follow the viewing.  Seating for this free event will be limited, so make sure you contact the Esri Forum to make reservations early.

This has been an exciting year to celebrate our community.  Be sure to be part of these special concluding events!

OCT 2013 – Member Profile – American Payroll Service

Since 1995, American Payroll Company has been providing clients with a comprehensive payroll solution. Their commitment to excellence has enabled them to become a valued partner and provide for a seamless payroll process. The key to their success has been the personalized payroll service each and every client receives. They understand that every business has different needs and not all businesses are the same.

Their services today are more diverse than ever. Advancements in technology have allowed American Payroll Company to expand their menu of services and meet the needs of clients in all 50 States. From gathering your payroll to filing your tax returns, they take care of payroll from beginning to end.

  • American Payroll Company we specialize in Personalized Service

You may remember a time when you could walk into your local bank and the teller would greet you by name and ask about your family.  The staff at American Payroll Company is able to provide their clients that same level of customer service with all of the accuracy, reliability, and convenience expected in the 21st century.

  • Flexibility

They are flexible in the services they provide.  Many of the larger payroll companies insist the client meets their requirements.  At American Payroll Company they work to meet your needs.

  • American Payroll Company makes the transition from another payroll provider EASY.

Setup typically takes only 5 minutes of your time.  The only thing needed is access to your current payroll information and a couple of signatures and you will be ready to go.  After your first Payroll they will go over each report in detail and answer any questions you may have.

American Payroll Company has been providing accurate and reliable payroll services for over 15 years.  Clients enjoy the convenience of submitting pay amounts and forgetting the rest.

At American Payroll Company strives to offer excellent payroll service at an affordable price.  They offer many options to help you meet your payroll needs and can put together a custom payroll service package including everything you want, and nothing you don’t.

For more information or to get a quote on your payroll services needs call 335-5457 or log on to