MAY 2013 – Chamber’s Cruisin’ Cuisine on a Spring eve

The Chamber is on the road on foot, with a fun filled tasty way to treat yourself and your friends to the delectable delights of Redlands. Saturday June 22nd, when than ten restaurants will offer gastronomic epicurean gourmand to guests as they stroll from one establishment to another in downtown sampling specialties, delighting in sophisticated tastes and nibbling signature dishes. Restaurants that have signed on to date include, The Renaissance Hall, The Old Spaghetti Factory, Romano’s Restaurant, Eureka Burger, The Corner Bakery, Sizzler, Oscars and Rok n Fondue. More Restaurants will be added to the line-up.

Guests will trade purchased tickets for a map and passport to each participating restaurant. Then off they go to taste and test until they can taste no more. At each restaurant they will have their prize passport signed making them eligible for a drawing at the end of the evening. The grand prize is aIpad donated by Whitefrog Design. Restaurants not located in downtown Redlands have partnered with host businesses allowing use of facility providing both with great exposure. Wildflowers Fiora De Campo and Paxton Wine Cellar, both on State Street, will serve as hosts.

“I’ve seen similar events in other communities.” said Daney Bachiu, Chamber President Elect. “It’s a great way to showcase our fabulous, get people out and on the streets downtown. Redlands has so much to offer, this seems like a great way to draw attention to our unique features.”

Tickets for the event are $35, chamber members, $45 for nonmembers. A limited number of tickets are available. To purchase tickets or to learn more about Redlands Chamber Cruisin’ Cuisine call 793-2546.

MAY 2013 – Chamber to present State of the Community Luncheon

The Redlands Chamber of Commerce will present the Annual State of the Community Luncheon, Wednesday, June 19th; 12:00 PM at the Orton Center, University of Redlands, check-in begins at 11:30 AM

Mayor Pete Aguilar will address the community, explain the budget and share plans for the future as well as take questions from the floor.

“This event is an excellent opportunity for our Mayor to meet with the citizens and business leaders of Redlands. It will give him and an opportunity to share both the immediate and long term vision for the city.” said Daney Bachiu, Chamber President. “We are delighted to once again present the annual event that provides a venue allowing our elected officials an opportunity to meet the business community out side the confines of City Hall, to learn firsthand what lays ahead, what plans and vision Council has for the future of Redlands and the business community.”

The cost of the luncheon is $35 per person, reservations are required.

For more information about the State of the Community Luncheon or to make reservations, call 793-2546.

MAY 2013 – President’s Article by Daney Bachiu

The last California grizzly bear was killed in 1953. California citizens can rest assured that they will not come face to face with a grizzly bear…that is unless you happen to be a business owner. California businesses both large and small, are facing a new predator, more hungry and ferocious than the grizzly. It is our State Legislature. With the American economy and California businesses especially, in a deep sleep (or dead) these past 2-3 years, the State Legislature has also been relatively quiet. Now there are the rumblings of some business activity and some of our predatory lawmakers have sniffed out a few coins in our pockets and are right at our heels. They are trying to figure out ways to wrestle those few coins away from business into their hands, because we all know they are much better at spending our money than we are! They have apparently forgotten that we business owners will need those coins next year when we have to pay for expensive health insurance.

OK, OK, let me take a break here to calm down and explain why I am ranting and raving. Our wonderfully well connected and informed, Redlands Chamber of Commerce, clued me in last week on what is coming up in the State Legislature. Our representatives are doing their best to try and circumvent the sacrosanct Prop 13. You know the Howard Jarvis property tax amendment that was soundly voted in by California citizens some years ago. I guess our representatives think that if they change the wording from property tax to parcel tax, we won’t figure it out.

My fellow business owners, one mad ranting Chamber of Commerce Queen is not going to change a thing, but small businesses in California are 3,320,977 strong, and if we ALL stand up and say enough, we WILL be heard. So when your Redlands Chamber of Commerce (and other chambers of commerce statewide) call on you to write a letter to your representative, or show up at a protest that is being covered by the media, or attend a city council meeting, you need to take the time and just do it. Things have gotten out of hand because we LET THEM get out of hand. No one is going to fight our battles for us, if we are not out there in the trenches no one will be…. End of Rant.

On the lighter side, having this strong an ally fighting for your business is well worth your chamber membership, that along with all the fun chamber events coming up. Don’t forget to cruise on down to the Redlands Chamber office to get your tickets to Cruisin’ Cuisine. So far we have these restaurants: Corner Bakery, Rok n Fondue, Eureka Burger, Renaissance Hall (catering), Sizzler, Oscars, The Spaghetti Factory and Ramano’s. So hurry and purchase your tickets, they are going fast.


Talk (or rant) to you again in June,

MAY 2013 – Chamber’s Young Professionals plan another Cash Mob

Last month the Chamber’s Young Professionals Network organized a Cash Mob and on a sunny Friday afternoon gathered up dozens of caring individuals who descended on Sweet Memories a small locally owned candy/gift shop in downtown Redlands. Every member of the “mob” committed to spend $20 or more at the store and within just a couple of hours owners saw the register ring, inventory leave shelves and feel a sense of support and hope.

“It was so much fun that another cash mob has been planned for May.” said Chamber President Daney Bachiu. “This committee of young business professionals is really demonstrating through their action and leadership the importance of supporting local small businesses and at the same time making it fun! I was a part of the last mob and marched down State Street with Chairman Lucas Cuny announcing our arrival over a megaphone. People were coming out of stores, cars were slowing to check us out as we carried our posters and banners down the street. This is a real demonstration of what the Chamber and its committees do for the business community.”

Find out where the next cash mob will be by following clues on the cash mob Facebook page, REDLANDS CASH MOB or check at the Chamber’s Facebook page at REDLANDS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and don’t forget to like us. Clues to the next location will be delivered frequently and the big reveal will happen the day of the mob. See if you can guess who will be mobbed.

MAY 2013 – Member Profile – Coventry Pet Resort

At Coventry Pet Resort 412 Tennessee Street in Redlands the team believes that pets deserve to receive professional, loving care. After all, you don’t want to leave them with just anyone. So bring them to the place where you know they’ll come home looking, acting and feeling great.

As members of the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA), they are committed to meeting a high standard for conscientious care for the animals entrusted to them. Their staff is specially trained to provide your pets with compassionate attention to make their stay comfortable.

The staff at the resort is on board 24 hours a day. They have a full staff during the day and a resident night manager that lives at the Pet Resort and does bed checks at 6:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 10:00 PM and starts again at 4:00 AM.

Dog Lodging


There are no cages or crates, instead for your pet’s comfort and health Coventry Pet Resort provide full size indoor-outdoor pet suites and our buildings are climate controlled so they are heated and air-conditioned.

Outside Time

Our guests can freely choose to go in or out during the day, but in the case of inclement weather, we bring them into the buildings at night so the temperature can be regulated for their comfort and health.

Activity Packages

They have a myriad of reasonably priced activity packages to suit any dog. Learn more

Beds & Bedding

Coventry provides all beds and bedding, we use Kuranda beds that are like a doggy “Bark-a-Lounger” hammock that lifts your dog about 2-3 inches off the floor so they will stay warm in winter and cool in the summer. They place a hypoallergenic fleece or blanket on top of each bed and launder them daily.


  • At mealtimes guests are fed either the house recommended Blue Buffalo premium dog food or, if you prefer, they will use your regular food at no additional cost.
  • If you bring your food from home, they ask that it be prepackaged in the portions you feed at home and they will keep you dog on a consistent diet and schedule.
  • We recommend that both puppies and senior dogs continue to eat their normal diet to minimize the chance of stomach upset that sometimes accompanies rapid diet changes.


Coventry also offers a variety of healthy and tasty between meal activities and snacks, that they call “Snacktivities” that will satisfy your pet’s desire for both a tasty treat as well as entertainment. A typical treat is frozen yogurt prepared in the Coventry kitchen that your pet can enjoy in between activity sessions.

Cat Lodging

Coventry Pet Resort offers a separate cattery for our feline guests to provide a relaxed and stress-free environment, complete with soothing music, 24 hours a day.


Each feline guest is provided with an individual condominium with multiple levels for lounging and playing. Duplex suites are also available on a limited basis.

Coventry Pet Resort also offers grooming services, teeth cleaning, day care, and training.

A visit to the resort and a meeting with the owners Deborah and Kevin Salow and their professional staff will answer any questions you might have about leaving your pet at the resort for day care over night or to take advantage of any of the other services offered at Covington Pet Resort. You can log on to or call, 792-1163 for more information.




MAY 2013 – Member Profile – Dynasty Suites

Dynasty Suites Redlands raising the standard…. for business

Conveniently located between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Dynasty Suites Redlands is a welcome oasis in the beautiful historic city of Redlands. You’ll be minutes away from the University of Redlands, ESRI Corporate Headquarters, Loma Linda University Medical Center and the San Bernardino Convention Center.

The Staff knows that even the best locations and offerings would be meaningless without outstanding guest service. Within a Dynasty Suites experience, every guest is offered a warm welcome and is made to feel special, valued and appreciated. Genuine hospitality is achieved when engaging service and attention to detail elevate each stay into cherished memory. We assure you that you will find Dynasty Suites Redlands Hotel your ‘home away from home….! Their skilled and motivated staff is equipped with the tools and  mindset to naturally deliver on this promise.

Whether you are visiting Redlands for leisure or business, Dynasty Suites Redlands is your best option to enjoy a blend of comfort, service and hospitality. Dynasty Suites Redlands is not just the normal sleeping arrangements you think of when you think of a hotel –it is an “escape” that is warm, comforting and pleasing to every guest. With their luxurious Swedish Tempur-pedic beds, you will have the ultimate sleeping experience that is guaranteed to have you well-rested. Complimentary Wi-Fi can be accessed not only in your room, but throughout the hotel for your convenience. Want an extra lift? Take a stroll to our coffee room, and have a cup of freshly-brewed Starbucks coffee –available to you 24 hours a day. How about a healthy snack? Stop by our lobby and grab some fruit. Need to unwind? Take a dip in our heated pool, relax in the invigorating spa, or spend a little time in the soothing saunas.

Luxury and comfort await you at Dynasty Suites Redlands. Each room is elegantly decorated with crown molding throughout, and accented with outside greenery to give your room that ‘just like home’ touch. All rooms also come fitted with our brand new Swedish Tempur-pedic® beds, a choice of feathered or synthetic down pillows, and a custom designed comforter. With six different room types, you can be assured that Dynasty Suites Redlands will have a room specifically designed just for you, for any occasion!
These are just a few of the many things that will help make your stay comfortable and relaxing. All rooms are generously equipped with the following amenities:

• Swedish Tempur-Pedic® beds
• Executive desk
• 40″HD TV with over 200 premium Direct TV channel
• Free Wi-Fi & hard wire high speed internet access
• 3 phones, including a 2-line speaker phone
• Coffee maker
  • Free in-room wall safe • Hair dryer
• Iron and ironing board
• Refrigerator & Microwave
• Free bottled water
• Body spray unit for a soothing shower
• Basket full of amenities

Dynasty Suites Redlands welcomes you with a warm smile and an effortless and convenient Check-In process. The friendly and highly trained staff members are committed to serving your every need.

To make reservations log on to or call 909  793-6648.